Save Epping’s Forest Park Petition Details

I/we the undersigned: request and petition the Administrator of the City of Parramatta Council to consider the following concerns in relation to the Austino Property Group’s Planning Proposal for the rezoning of land at 2-18 Epping Road, 2-4 Forest Grove and 725 Blaxland Road, Epping (Forest Park Planning Proposal) to ensure the best outcome for Epping. This Planning Proposal includes the rezoning of the former Epping Bowling Club site from public recreation land to allow the building of a 20-storey apartment block as well as other high-rise apartment blocks on the land to the north of Forest Park. It is another example of the development currently underway in Epping which is negatively impacting on the sustainability and liveability of Epping. It is a massive increase to the number of dwellings for this site to that deemed suitable by the Urban Activation Plan and the Local Environment Plan. I/we object to this level of rezoning and development proposed by the Planning Proposal, it is against public interest, and I/we ask you to undertake the following actions:

  1. To keep the former Epping Bowling Club site as public recreation land, with preference for it providing green open space to accommodate the needs of the growing population. The reconfiguration of this land, with tiered gardens and a walkway between high-rise buildings, does not provide the community with useful recreation space.
  2. To keep the height restrictions for 2-18 Epping Road and 2-4 Forest Grove as per the current zoning under the Local Environment Plan (ie. 2-18 Epping Road is 8 storey/26.5m; 2-4 Forest Grove is 5 storey/17.5m).
  3.  To prevent any development that allows overshadowing of Forest Park.
  4. To prevent any development that allows damage to, or removal of existing trees and peripheral vegetation within Forest Park. Epping has already seen a huge loss of trees and vegetation and this is negatively impacting on this suburb.
  5.  To prevent approval for rezoning and development of the site until the relevant Epping Planning Reviews are completed (ie. traffic and social infrastructure reviews). The road network is not capable of servicing the additional vehicular movements this level of development will bring nor is on street parking adequate.
  6. Consider the need to have an adequate ratio of commercial to residential floor space for Epping, including incorporating commercial space at this site.

The Forest Park Planning Proposal includes 654 dwelling, 860 car spaces and 1,637 new residents. This includes 22, 20, 18 and 8 storey buildings to be built to the north of Forest Park. This will result in overshadowing of Forest Park. It is also most probable that trees and vegetation will be removed from the park should this Planning Proposal go ahead.

Such a development will also adversely affect the traffic in Epping and put additional stress on infrastructure which is already inadequate for meeting the demands of the growing population. Save Epping’s Forest Park action Group ask you to help prevent this overdevelopment in Epping, to help keep this public recreation land for future generations to enjoy and to protect Forest Park.

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